Custom Embossing


A Reason to Emboss

In the overwhelming world of advertising, brand awareness is imperative to a successful brand and marketing identification.  As reported by Lane and Keller in the Marketing Science Institute, “the presence of advertising retrieval cues (logos, icons combined with name) on packaging leads to an 18- percent increase in brand evaluation and a 10-percent increase in purchase intentions.”

Essentially, Lane and Keller are saying that customers are more likely to recognize your brand favorably when they see your logo embossed on the pie pan while they eagerly finish off your delicious pie. More importantly the use of visual cues, such as these custom embossed pie pan, raises the customers’ repeat purchase habits, so not only leave a good taste in your customer’s mouth – leave a lasting impression. Custom-embossed pie pans from Chief Industries do more than bake perfect pie crusts, they build brand awareness, helping bakers define themselves and maintain a competitive edge.

Custom Embossing Terms and Conditions: Chief Industries offers our customers the option of having their logo made into a custom embossment insert (die). It is our policy to charge for the engraving work needed to produce your custom-embossing die.  All artwork needs to be camera ready (vector file).  After receiving payment, it will take 10 to 14 working days to complete the die.  Due to the fragile nature of engraving work, once the die is made, it shall become the property of Chief Industries, LLC. Chief Industries will be responsible for die maintenance, die storage, and we will always emboss your pie pans for no extra charge.  We also offer generic dies for most holidays or events.

Call the office today at 714-891-3571 to discuss having your custom embossing die made for your pie pans.

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