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“When life hands you lemons, make lemon meringue pie!”

Chief Industries, LLC has been providing quality, gourmet pie pans and dependable service to the food-service industry and the baking community for over 50-years.  Chief Industries has continued to perfect its specialty, eco-friendly pie pans over the years to meet changing customer demands.  Our customers understand that delicious pies start with Chief Pie Pans.

Pie Pan Sizes & Features
There are four critical dimensions to consider when measuring our pie pans. These dimensions are important to ensure that your order is the right size for your needs!
  • Top Out
    This measurement is the overall diameter, measured from the outermost edges of the pie pan.
  • Top In
    This measurement is the inside diameter at the highest part of the sidewall, measured across the inside opening of the pie pan.
  • Bottom
    This measurement is the diameter at the bottom or lowest part of the sidewall; measured by flipping the pie pan over.
  • Vertical Depth
    This measurement is the height of the pie pan sidewall, measured from the bottom surface to the top flange of the pie pan.
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