Sample Pack

Sample Pack

For our “touchy feely” customers.

At Chief Industries we have made every effort to accurately and honestly represent our pie pans, but good pictures, accurate specifications, and detailed descriptions can only get us so far. No matter how much information we provide there is no substitute for the way our pans feel in your hands. Chief Industries is now offering our pie pans in sample quantities. Chief’s sample packs are intended to help our online customers get a better feel for our pie pans. Chief’s sample packs contain 3 pie pans of the selected product number. To order select the desired product number form the drop-down box titled choose an option. Tip If you want an embossed pie pan sample include a custom note on our checkout page and we will substitute 2 of your plain pie pan samples with 2 embossed pie pan samples.

Please note that our Pie Pan Samples are Free; however, we do charge a $9.99 shipping fee with each Sample Pack Order. Please note that you can only buy one sample pack of 3 per size, not multiple of the same size.

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