Chief 306S - Single Use Pie Pan


The Chief 306S pie pan is made of light gauge aluminum, making it strong and moderately durable. Light gauge pie pans are considered single-use pans because they lack the durability to be machine-washed and reused. However, Chief’s single-use pie pans are strong enough to reuse if proper care is taken (hand wash only). Chief's 306S will hold up to serving baked goods by the slice, without deforming or piercing the pan when removing single slices. Chief’s single-use pie pans are formed in a single manufacturing process and have a full curl rim type, making them the ideal economy pie pan. The Chief 306S pie pan is proudly made in the USA. If you are looking for a pie pan to “use and abuse.

Topout Topin bottom verticaldepth spuncurl
Stock# Oz. Top-Out Top-In Bottom Depth Rim-Style
308 17.2 7 7/8” 7 1/16” 5 1/2" 15/16” SC
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